Solar Powered LED Light with Camera and Motion Detection

    This security camera looks like a floodlight, but it contains a covert camera as well. And it does not require AC power or video cable! Mount this solar-powered camera/floodlight where it can keep an eye on things, then point its solar panel toward the sun. Connect the video receiver to a video monitor or DVR and you're finished with the installation. The sun will charge its internal lithium polymer battery and give you up to 14 hours of continuous illumination. But because there are both a photocell and a motion sensor, the floodlight will come on only when needed, conserving battery power. There's an adjustable time delay controlling how long the light stays illuminated after being triggered.


Solar Powered LED Light with Camera, DVR and Motion Detection

    Just like our solar powered XP-PSO1 security light, XP-PSD3 can be easily installed with the solar charging panel (comes with 15’ extension cable) wherever A/C power is not available. Simply install the solar charging panel in an area where sun exposure is available. When set in AUTO mode (normal operation setting), the light illuminates at night only when motion is detected.


    XP-PSD3 solar security light comes with built-in camera and rechargeable battery. It uses 2.4GHz digital transmission to send out images and sound wirelessly to a DVR. The built-in motion sensor can detect up to 50ft of distance. The included DVR uses the SD card to store captured videos and sound.

XEPA/Apex Digital 600 Lumen Outdoor White Solar Powered LED Light with 320 TVL Wireless Camera

    Model PSD3E serve as add on unit for model PSD3. If use individually, PSD3E cannot serve the recording feature, which only covered by DVR in Model PSD3 packaging. Illuminate your property and keep watch on your home or business with this wireless, solar powered security light with covert built-in camera. Add model PSD3E to model PSD3 that allow you to connect up to 3 more cameras to monitor your entire property. The motion-activated, lightweight unit is easy to set up, no electrical wiring required. The 3-watt monocrystalline solar panel captures the sun’s energy, charging the 7.4V Lithium-Ion battery (included). A motion sensor automatically illuminates the two 5-watt super bright LEDs whenever motion is detected up to 50 ft. away.