I just received the light and its not turning on. What should I do next?

It would be best to keep the light off and charge it for 48 hours. After that when its evening time, turn the light to “auto mode” and see if it turns on.


On my PSD3, my DVR seems not to be working? I only get a “no Signal” message?

Please make sure that the camera is registered to the DVR. If not then you would need to register the camera to DVR to make it work.


My DVR for my PSD3 is registered, but when I check my TV, it says no signal. What could be the problem?

The camera would only turn on when motion is detected. If there is no motion in the area, your DVR will say “no signal.” The light will only trigger on when it gets to night.


My post lamp does not turn on?

Please check the following to see if this is causing the light not to turn on.


A- Make sure the light switch is not on off position


B- check to see if no other light source is near the light which will trigger the photocell not to turn on light automatically 


C- Make sure that solar panel has been received adequate sun to charge the battery.


My post lamp battery does not fully charge?

If there is frequent activity triggered by the photocell or consecutive overcast days, the solar panel may not convert sufficient ambient daylight to recharge battery sufficiently. Make sure the solar panel is receiving enough sunlight.


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